Before you can setup Github notifications please make sure:

  1. You have connected Github to your Ally account. You can see how it is done here.
  2. You have connected a destination where to send you notifications (it can be Slack, Microsoft Teams or Stride)

When the above steps are done please follow these steps to setup Github notifications:

  1. Navigate to "Notifications" in the top menu
  2. Click on "Add" on the "Github" card.

3. Please select the filters to tweak your Github notification. 

The following filters are supported

Events: you can choose when exactly you want to be notified. For example, when a branch status updated was failed due to a broken build or failed code analysis. Another example, would be to get notified when pull request review submitted.
Repositories: select repositories you want to watch.
Include branches, issues and pull requests that contain a string in the title. For instance, you want to receive notification only in relation to your branch "DEV-345 improve Github notification filters", so you enter here string "DEV-345"
Exclude branches, issues and pull requests that contain a string in the title. For instance, you don't want to get notified about "Work in progress" branches that are marked in the title with [WIP], so you add here "[WIP]".
Users that triggered the event: you would like to follow a person or yourself, so you filter by a user that cause a Github event.
Users that involved in any way: allows you to follow a person or people on Github and provides additional filter by a user that is involved in a particular event. For example, you would watch events from your colleagues on a project to know what is going around you.

4. Please select a destination where you would love to receive Github notifications.
If you have got multiple destinations connected you will have to select the destination first (like a Slack team) and, afterwards, the channel.

5. After you have setup the filters and the destination you need to name your Github notification entity.

6. When all mandatory fields are entered (the destination and the name) you can save your entity.

If you need more filters or actions please let us know.

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